The Areas of Learning

Virtual Fitness Day on the Homeroom

1. Cloth masks making video tutorial to promote awareness about using reusable cotton mask

During the current coronavirus pandemic, masks are a must-have as mask usage reaches record highs. However, an often-overlooked dark side of this is how the disposal contributes to the already grim pollution. IB students took initiative to widespread awareness about this by sharing the cloth mask making video tutorial with our Primary School, Middle School, High school section students and with their friends and family on the occasion of ‘Joy of Giving Day’. Knowing how to create a mask in case of emergency is also a survival skill in today’s scenario.
This CAS initiative gave deeper understanding of these kinds of issues; surely we successfully got a step closer to help solve these issues with actions in our daily lives.

2. Thank you Card for Covid warriors, health care facilitators

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

To express sense of gratitude IBDP students took initiative to send thank you note to the hospitals in their proximity. Especially during this stressful year, It’s important to reflect on all the blessings one have. We were deeply grateful to medical facilitators for all the sacrifices that they and their families made to take care of Covid patients. They are truly the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic their dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude & admiration.

3. Creating Kitchen Garden, developing healthy eating hobbits & basic cooking skills

Gardening is a calming activity that lowers stress levels and helps you relax. Being around nature is supposed to be good for our physical & mental health, with several studies showing that it does wonders for our overall wellbeing. Nowadays, with all the pesticides being added to crops, it’s hard to know whether food is safe to consume or not. If you grow it yourself, you know that it is safe & chemical free. Keeping these ideas in my IB students took initiative to create their own kitchen garden. They planted medicinal plants like Tulsi & Mint, Chilies, curry leaves & coriander for regular kitchen use. This experience gave them knowledge about the plants can be grown at home and method of planting them, how to take care of them. Students used the produce they yield from their kitchen garden for developing their culinary skills for cooking some basic healthy food preparations like Dal rice, Mint, Tulsi herbal tea etc.

4. Live online yoga sessions for friends & family

During this pandemic when everyone mostly working from home online. It is important to take care of physical & mental health for wellbeing. The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body & mind. IB students attended yoga training sessions conducted by school yoga instructor. During training sessions students acquired knowledge about asanas, how to practice the asanas, benefits of each asana and contraindications as per health conditions. After receiving proper training students have collaboratively conducted live online yoga sessions for their friends & family. It was enriching experience for students as yoga asanas build strength, flexibility and confidence. Regular practice of yoga can help lose weight, relive stress, improve immunity and maintain healthier lifestyle which is need of time.